How to take ScreenShots


Skyrim ScreenShots comparison, same place, same angle, same time, same weather, different settings.
Please upload your favorite settings, share it.

STEP 0 : preparations

1. To work correctly, edit manually following lines in file C:\Users\(username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini


fGamma=1.0000 // (this is default value, some ENB need change this line)
iMultiSample=0 // (in-game AA sampling, If you are going to use the SMAA this parameter set to 0.)
bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // (If you are going to use the SMAA)

2. check following lines in file enbseries.ini , These are required information for this wiki.



3. Customize ENB effect files,

*(If you want to disable top and bottom black bar)
To disable Letterbox Vignette, Open "enbeffect.fx" and find a following line.
Then add two slashes '//' to a head of a line for comment out.

#define HD6_VIGNETTE (enable vignette)
//#define HD6_VIGNETTE (disable vignette)


#define USE_PANORAMIC_EFFECT 1 (enable vignette)
//#define USE_PANORAMIC_EFFECT 1 (disable vignette)

*(if you are "NOT" using 1920 x 1080 resolution)
Open up the "enbeffectprepass.fx" and find a line "float2 fvTexelSize ="
And input your resolution where it says 1920.0 1080.0 with the .0 on the end of each 1 save and exit

// Sharpen parameters
float2 fvTexelSize = float2(1.0 / 1920.0, 1.0 / 1080.0); // set your resolution sizes
(e.g.) float2 fvTexelSize = float2(1.0 / 1440.0, 1.0 / 810.0);

STEP 1 : Take ScreenShots

  1. PLACE
    Fast-Travel(FT) to the place to take Screen-Shots(SS).

  2. ANGLE
    Refer to the example to make composition the same.

  3. TIME
    Press "T" key to WAIT command, until the start time.
    (TIPS: Useful Console command "set timescale to <qty>" to wait several minutes. Sets the speed of how fast time advances in-game. Default qty value is 20. 60 is 300%. 2 is 10%. )

    Use the Console command "fw <formid>" to Changes the current weather to the specified value (Temporary change).
    How to use the Console command.
    (TIPS: Weather FormID: Clear:81a, Cloudy:12f89, StormRain:c8220, StormSnow:c8221, Rain:c821f , Snow:4d7fb )

  5. FOV
    Use the Console command "FOV 65" to default fov setting.

  6. SAVE
    Save, if necessary.

  7. Toggles Menus
    When The console prompt appeared, all the environment will stop. Use "tm" command to toggle off menus.
    (TIPS: The console "tm" command will toggle off ALL menus, including the console menu itself. This command is useful for taking screenshots without all the clutter. Type "tm" again to toggle on all menus.)
    (TIPS: The console command "tfc 1" can stop all the environment, too. But, Sunray (sunshine filtering through foliage) is slightly gloomy, maybe )

    Take SS, Then use "tm" command again, close the console prompt.
    How to take ScreenShots in Skyrim
    (TIPS: Default Skyrim capture key is "PrintScreen", but I don't recommend it. Autonumbering filename may overwrite SS file. And when in-game AntiAliasing is off and using SMAA, AA will disabled in SS. SMAA Capture further "END" key, this setting is written on injector.ini. Or use Capture tool, like "FRAPS" (RECOMMEND).)
    (TIPS: When the command prompt appeared, "PrintScreen" key can't take a SS. FRAPS and SMAA injector can do it. IF you need to use PrtScr key, Do the following things sequentially.
    1. Open console, 2. tfc 1 3. tm 4. Close console,In an invisible state 5. Take a SS 6. Open console,In an invisible state 7. tm 8. tfc 1 9. Close console)
KEY TYPE at Console Prompt at SMAA not overwrite file
PrintScreen Default Skyrim SS key no no no
F12 Steam default SS key YES no YES
END SMAA default SS key YES YES yes?
Capture software Like FRAPS YES YES YES

STEP 2 : Edit Images

  1. (Suggest:) Change SS file name and move to new folder. (ex. "Vanilla" folder, Vanilla1.bmp , Vanilla2.bmp , Vanilla 3.bmp …)
  2. Edit SS images. Resize to Adjust width 720 pixels , Save JPEG. I think that 80% are enough for the JPEG quality.
  3. (Optional:) Combine 9 SS like a sample. width 720px, JPEG.

SS Spots

No.01, City BLOOM(Day), Whiterun, 12:00, SkyrimClear,
Fast Travel (FT) and look at the top of Bannered Mare roof.


No.02, City Lighting(Night), Whiterun, 00:00, SkyrimClear,
Wait for 12 hours after No.1 SS.

No.03, Room Interior(Night), The Bannered Mare, 00:00, ,
Enter at the front door, and keep still

No.04, Dungeon (Day), Bleak Falls Temple , 12:00, SkyrimClear,
FT to Bleak Falls Barrow and enter at the Temple hall.

No.05, Forest (Morning), Falkreath, 10:00, SkyrimClear,
FT to Falkreath and look back.

No.06, Red and yellow leaves (Day), Snow-Shod Farm, 12:00, SkyrimClear,
FT and look towards the roof of home.

No.07, Masses of light and shadow (Day), Castle Dour, 12:00, ,
FT Solitude and Go into the Castle Dour.

No.08, Sun rays Water (Evening), Ilinalta's Deep, 17:30, SkyrimClear,
FT and look towards mountains.

No.09, Storm Rain Fog(Day), White River Watch, 12:00, SkyrimStormRain,
FT and look towards mountains.

No.11, City SSAO(Day), Falkreath, 12:00, SkyrimClear,
FT Falkreath.

No.12, Dungeon (Night), Embershard Mine, 00:00, ,
Look at the torch sconce from this side of the bridge.
Take torches from entrance to the bridge. Dont take the torch of the other side of the bridge.
The console command "tdetect" , Toggle AI Detection.
If it is toggled off, NPCs won't be able to "see" you, or anyone.

No.13, Sunset lake (Evening), Ilinalta's Deep, 18:30, SkyrimClear,
FT and look towards mountains.

No.14,ICE (Day), Septimus Signus's Outpost, 11:00, SkyrimCloudy,
FT Septimus Signus's Outpost.

No.15, WINDOWLIGHT (Night), Windhelm, 23:30, SkyrimStormSnow,
FT to Windhelm and go out of the door outside a town, and reenter, and look towards corner of the window.

No.16, snow reflected light (Morning), Bleak Falls Barrow , 10:00, SkyrimClear,
FT to Bleak Falls Barrow and look towards Ruins.

No.17, Water Reflect torch(Night), East Empire Company Warehouse, 00:00, SkyrimClear,
Go down the stairs to the top of an underwater ladder. Use a touch and look towards a knot of the rope of the stake.

No.18, Dimly lit room DoF (Day), The Winking Skeever, 12:00, ,
Sit down on a chair next to Belrand and look the cork of the winebottle.

No.19, Lighted Catacombs (Day), Solitude Catacombs, 12:00, ,
Enter at the front door.


  • FRAPS : Show fps, Screen capture software.
  • PhotoScape : Batch Editor, rename, resize, change format, combine images.
  • ENB SSAO DOF Toggler : SSAO and DoF toggler, Without exit a game.
  • ENB Manager and Changer : Easily switch between ENB configurations. Requirements:Java.
  • GPU-Z : A lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.
  • MSI Afterburner : Realtime OSD information in games.


  • "SHIFT"+"F12" : Turn on and off ENBSeries mod.
    (F12 is default Steam SS key, I recommend that change Steam setting.)

  • "BACKSPACE" : Read ENB Config. When pressed, ENBSeries will reload configuration file and shaders to see changes done in them.
    (Use it with "ENB SSAO DOF Toggler")

  • "tmm 1" Console command : To show all map markers. Please SAVE before using it. You cannot restore the setting. "tmm 0" command hides ALL marks, including discovered marks.

  • "tdetect" Console command : Toggle AI Detection. If it is toggled off, NPCs won't be able to "see" you, or anyone.

  • "COC" Console command : COC <cellname> , Transports to the center of a named cell (coc stands for center on cell.)
    This is usable to go to the undiscovered cell.
    E.g. "COC SeptimusSignusOutpost"
    You can get most location codes with the help location 0 command. I.e. "help breezehome 0" will tell you that the correct code is WhiterunBreezehome or that Sovngarde can be reached with Sovngarde01.

  • I suggest to write console batch files.
    Ex. "bClear.txt" : the text of a file: "fw 81a" , The quotations are not part of the syntax.
    Ex. "bTime2000.txt" : the text of a file: "set timescale to 2000" .


  • If you take part in this wiki, it is desirable as possible to use Skyrim preset options. If you change setting, please describe it if possible.
  • Please don't forget to change the size of SS.


Greenish fog or braziers ISSUE

(Click to Full size)

You may experience a greenish cast when viewing burning embers in forgers or braziers.
It seems that the code combination I use conjures this unwanted effect, and I can't seem to get rid of it.
Boris Vorontsov tells me that this is probably an artefact of the way the binary's math works.

You can clear this up by starting the game, and without exiting turning SSAO off in enbseries.ini, saving the file and reloading the ENB via the BACKSPACE key, then turning SSAO back on again, saving enbseries.ini again, and refreshing the ENB via BACKSPACE a second time.
This seems tedious, which is why I've installed the ENBSSAODOFtoggler, which implements a hotkey to switch SSAO on/off (and also DOF, or both at the same time) without leaving the game. Handy. Look for it in the recommended mods.

Sunset color Issue

It is the unidentified problem, sometimes occurred with my PC.
Possibly it may be a cause that my PC is low performance….
When loaded No. 8 and No. 13, sunset is not red and does blue.
It is not fixed even if turn off ENB (shif+F12) for Vanilla vision.
Exit and restart game to fix it.

PhotoScape quick reference

This is just one case. Please use your favorite graphic software.

Batch Editor

Resize , Rename , Save JPEG format.
1. Select Batch Editor tab.
2. Drag and Drop SS files to the window.
3. Select Resize option "Adjust width" with Width 720.
4. Convert All
5. Save window, select Image Format option "JPG" and JPEG Quality "80".
6. Save it.

Combine Editor

1. Select Combine Tab.
2. Drag SS files to the windows.
3. Sort files by Drag, if files were arranged in the wrong order.
4. Select Checker Tab, Quantity of Columns select 3.
5. Reference option , select "Set the reference size" and input "240x135".
6. Save it.


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